martedì 2 luglio 2024

Aggiornamento Oxygenos


Nuovissimo aggiornamento per Oxygenos che ci porta alla versione con i suoi 1,2 GB di peso e novità consistenti anche per il OnePlus 9 Pro. A parte la fondamentale patch di sicurezza aggiornata a giugno 2024 riporto il changelog in inglese:


Adds a horizontal layout for the Lock screen clock.
You can now choose not to show the track when drawing the Lock screen pattern to unlock your device.
You can now adjust the volume in Quick Settings.
You can now adjust the size of a floating window by dragging its bottom and swiping up to close a mini window.
Integrates the June 2024 Android security patch to enhance system security.
Improves system stability.
Fixes an issue where the Home screen and Recent tasks screen icons might overlap.
Fixes an issue where the volume slider in Quick Settings and the one triggered by pressing the physical volume button might appear at the same time.


Fixes an issue where the screen might turn black while playing a game.
Improves gaming stability.


Fixes an issue where the device might not vibrate for phone calls 

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