venerdì 21 dicembre 2018

Aggiornamento Nvidia Shield TV: Shield Experience Upgrade 7.2.1

E' veramente di pochi giorni fa l'ultimo aggiornamento sula Nvidia Shield TV. Adesso è arrivato un minor update di 10,23 MB che porta alla versione 7.2.1 Shield Experience Upgrade. Dalla pagina relativa alle novità ed i cambiamenti non risultano differenze rispetto alla precedente così riporto il changelog trovato sul forum Geforce.

SHIELD Experience upgrade 7.2.1 ( is a minor update addressing a few issues that have come up from the previous upgrade.

Bug Fixes
• [EU] Resolves 5GHz Wi-Fi connection issues for SHIELD TV 2015 and SHIELD Pro models
• Resolves port blocking issue with SmartThings on SHIELD
• Fixes issues some issues where USB storage is not detected on active hubs
• Removes erroneous error message when cancelling NAS connection attempt
• Removes warning displayed incorrectly when connecting SHIELD TV mobile app to SHIELD

Known Issues
• PS3 controllers not currently supported over wireless
• Some issues playing .ts video files
• Connection from PC to SHIELD folders limited to SMBv1
• Rare cases where system seems to hang on startup
• "Full" dynamic range setting not working as expected (available under Display options when color mode is set to RGB)
• Occasional audio loss on Kodi/SPMC, MrMC during HDMI hotplug
• Issue with PUBG Mobile mouse accuracy
• Color display accuracy issues on Chrome
• Issue getting correct installation build on rooted/unclocked devices. Enable “Provide full system upgrades” in developer settings.
• [SHIELD 2015 and SHIELD Pro] SD Card not recognized after 7.2 upgrade
• Connection issues when mounting NAS to SHIELD
• Rare occurrence where Hauppauge tuners would not be seen
• Some 3rd party game controllers not functioning properly

We are actively working on known issues and expect to have an update soon

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